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Corporate Dining Experience
GoKhana manages end-to-end food programs for corporates and enables the Next-Gen Digitized Cafeteria. GoKhana’s cafeteria digitization solution opens up possibilities for more efficient and transparent food service management for corporates and vendors, and convenient food ordering and delivery for employees.

GoKhana solves a spectrum of problems that plague corporates, employees, and vendors that arise from the lack of digitization, unorganized players and inefficient processes. These problems range from long queues at counters, absence of solutions for a hybrid workforce, quality management and revenue loss through cash pilferage.

One powerful app for users

The GoKhana app puts the power in the hands of the employee. They get the convenience of using one app across all the locations where they could order food.

With the GoKhana app, employees can place the order from their desks and visit the food court only when they are notified that the food is ready for pick up. The entire process can be contactless too. The GoKhana app can be used to book time slots to control overcrowding during peak times.

The app can also be used contactlessly at snack and coffee vending machines across the campus.

Corporate Dining Experience

Comprehensive solution for HR/Admin

GoKhana’s robust and adaptable SaaS platform offers:

Corporate Dining Experience


  • Order from anywhere
  • View available menu & order ahead
Corporate Dining Experience

Crowd Management

  • Eliminate overcrowding at counters
  • Enable Slot booking in cafeteria
Corporate Dining Experience

Contactless ordering

  • QR/Mobile App ordering from food court
  • Contactless snack and coffee vending machines
Corporate Dining Experience

Hybrid Workforce Solutions

  • Pre-order meal boxes at office with no minimum guarantee
  • Delivering Meals to WFH employees
Corporate Dining Experience

Flexible Payment Solutions

  • Secure digital payments
  • Configurable company paid subscriptions
Corporate Dining Experience

Employee Engagement

  • On App Feedback
  • In App banners promoting Health & Wellness
Corporate Dining Experience

Increased variety

  • Customers can choose from different Cuisines
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Food trucks, pop-ups and special events
Corporate Dining Experience

Business Analytics

  • Revenue Accounting and Reporting
  • Monitoring Café performance
Corporate Dining Experience

Support to corporate

  • Support in Operations
  • Single POC for all food programs
Corporate Dining Experience

Easy integration

  • Simplified single software for POS at vendors
  • Integration with tech park apps
  • Integration with logistics partners
Corporate Dining Experience

Quality and Hygiene

  • Ensuring hygiene standards by Kitchen Audits
  • Camera and AI based vendor compliance
Corporate Dining Experience

Support to caterer

  • Reduce cash pilferage by 15% with transparent operational data
  • Knowledge transfer to meet Health & Safety compliance

Work from office or work from home, GoKhana has you covered

The GoKhana app gives employees incredible flexibility.

They can use it within the campus to order food from any registered vendor and have it delivered or pick it up when they receive a notification that the food is ready. This minimizes time spent waiting as well as reduces overcrowding in the cafeteria.

GoKhana also offers home delivery of healthy, hygienic meals for those eligible. Employees can use the same app to order. The meals are prepared at one of our compliant and audited partner kitchens and are delivered at pre-determined times by our certified logistics partners.

Corporate Dining Experience
Corporate Dining Experience

Flexible payment options to suit every corporate

The GoKhana solution gives corporate HR or admin complete control over payment options. They can set up subsidy groups, activate or deactivate employee IDs, set limits, and more.

GoKhana also enables setting up payment options – fully paid by company, part-paid by company, paid by employee and reimbursed, and so on.

Complete transparency for corporate admin and vendors

Thanks to the comprehensive reports available in real-time on the dashboard, admin gets complete visibility of every aspect of the food service. From all orders placed by employees to employee satisfaction feedback, vendor performance and more.

For vendors, camera and AI -based compliance and regular audits by the GoKhana teams ensure the highest levels of hygiene and safety. What’s more, being on the GoKhana grid can also reduce cash pilferage by up to 15%.

Corporate Dining Experience

Get the most comprehensive cafeteria digitization solution to work for you.