How do I place an order?

The app will list the food courts nearest to your current location.
  • Selecting the food court will display the food outlets in the selected food court
  • Click on a food outlet to view the menu and create an order
  • Complete payment for the order either through the many payment options available in the app, or by selecting “Pay at Counter” to complete payment at the food court
  • If payment is completed through the app, you will receive an alert once the order is available for pickup from he outlet

Can I order from any location?

The app will display the food courts closest to your current location – please ensure GPS location services are enabled for this. However, you can also search for food courts in other locations using the search functionality to place a food order.

Do you charge for placing an order?

GoKhana endeavours to avoid convenience fees, but in the event such a fee is charged it will be displayed in the order creation page at the time of payment.

Do you deliver?

GoKhana does not do delivery. Food orders will need to be picked up from the outlet when the ready for pickup alert is displayed on the mobile.

Can I edit my order?

Orders can be edited at any time before the payment is completed. If you wish to edit an order after payment is completed, please call our support number and we will attempt to change the order by contacting the food outlet. Generally, orders cannot be edited once an order is confirmed and the food outlet has started preparing the food.

Can I order in advance?

All orders are executed immediately after a payment is completed. However, orders can be created and stored in the app for later payment.

Some outlets may enable pre-ordering facility at their discretion. In such instances, the cut-off time and time of collection will be available at the time of placing the pre-order.

What is GoKash?

GoKash is a proprietary secure digital wallet which can store digital currency. It can be used for completing payment on orders, and also for quick refunds when necessary.

How do I contact GoKhana support?

GoKhana support can be contacted at support@gokhana.com.

Do you accept Sodexo and other food voucher programs?

Yes, we accept payments using food vouchers. However, it is at the discretion of individual outlets whether they wish to enable these payment options at their outlets.