Making the most of Corporate Digitised Cafeteria Services

Dec 15, 2022 | Digital Cafeteria

As more corporate cafeterias turn digital, it may be time to take a holistic look at the benefits that accrue to the various stakeholders. And how each of these could make the most of the services.

Convenience and efficiency

Digitised corporate cafeterias introduce an unprecedented level of convenience and efficiency to corporate dining. From remote ordering on the app, pre-ordering, and getting notified when the food is ready and even online payment options that eliminate the hassle of cash and change, digitised cafeterias offer incredible convenience.

However, users can get a lot more from a cafeteria digitisation solution. Connecting all the food-vending locations across a campus or an organisation’s setup can make the app a single access point for all the food options. From the main cafeteria to mini-pantries closer to the work floors, the entire ecosystem can be brought under unified control and offer easy access for users. The app can also enable contactless ordering and delivery for those who require the functionality.

The examples of convenience given in the paragraph above relate mostly to the end user. When it comes corporate admin, digitised cafeteria solutions offer streamlined processes and more transparency in cafeteria services. But that’s not all.

Corporate HR or admin can set up subsidy groups, activate or deactivate employee IDs, set limits, and more. The digitisation solution also enables setting up payment options – fully paid by the company, part-paid by the company, paid by the employee and reimbursed, and so on. Furthermore, they can review feedback provided by the employees and thus, can take extremely informed decisions when it comes to cafeteria management.

Information, engagement, and upselling

Digital cafeteria solutions enable direct easily-updatable sharing of updates and information. The connected app provides a near-instant way to communicate to employees about new outlet launches, daily or seasonal specials, price drops, and more. Messages regarding engagement activities like “Don’t bring your lunchbox tomorrow” or “It’s tikka Tuesday” can be shared as reminders at the most relevant time.

Timely information about offers like combo meals or group dining discounts could be used to upsell or promote specific dishes. This can increase the revenue of the vendor as well as add excitement to the dining experience for employees, making it a win-win.


Cafeteria digitisation solutions eliminate the potential for fraud, pilferage, and leakages, and this benefits all stakeholders.

Corporate gets a complete and accurate view of every aspect of the cafeteria covering vendors and employees. This leads to better data on footfalls, usage, consumption, and other aspects that can yield rich information for better control over the management and operations of the cafeteria.

When it comes to employees, cafeteria digitisation opens up clear and accurate channels for feedback and suggestions that can be directly sent to corporate. Tracking usage and consumption is useful to understand trends or preferences that can be used for vendor selection and budgeting.

With cafeteria digitisation solutions, vendors can digitise the entire process from ordering to payment, adding efficiency to the process. Online payments eliminate any potential for pilferage.

Data analysis

Digitisation of the cafeteria leads to a gold mine of data that can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.

Data on footfalls at the cafeteria and demands sliced and diced by vendors can help predict traffic and steps can be taken for better traffic management. For example, staggered timings for different groups, if necessary.

Consumption data and patterns help in meal planning, raw material sourcing, and inventory management for efficient service as well as reduced wastage. Reduction of food waste, either as input or unconsumed food is desirable from an economic and an environmental point of view.


Corporate cafeteria digitisation solutions promise a wealth of benefits for those who are able to maximise the potential of the features offered. This includes all stakeholders in the ecosystem – the company, the vendors, and the employees.