How to use digitisation effectively to tackle menu fatigue in your office cafeteria

Jul 4, 2022 | Digital Cafeteria

A corporate cafeteria is more than just great food and efficient service. Though they form the foundation of a well-run cafeteria.

Employees are looking for more than just sustenance when they look at dining options inside corporate cafeterias or food courts. The overall experience is a crucial factor that influences their opinion.

In fact, smart corporates know that the cafeteria is not just the social hub of many companies but can also become a pivotal factor in demonstrating the personality of the organisation.

Menu fatigue

Strange as it may sound, even the most exciting corporate cafeteria can become monotonous for employees. Speak to a new joiner, and they will probably be all praised for the options, taste, efficiency, and so on. But speak to an employee who has been in the company for a while, and the lack of excitement is palpable.

This is but natural. Every human being gets bored once they get used to the same thing. If something becomes a part of the routine, then it becomes just that, routine. How does a company keep menu fatigue from setting in?

Tackling fatigue with digitization

If you thought cafeteria digitisation solutions can only help in adding efficiency and transparency to running a corporate dining establishment, think again. A cafeteria digitization solution can play a part in keeping menu fatigue at bay.

Decisions on making changes to the menu, as well as broadcasting changes to the consuming public, are made easier with digitisation. Here’s how.

Tracking and Analysis

Cafeteria digitisation enables the tracking and analysis of consumption on a real-time basis. What this means is that the popularity of individual dishes and vendors can be tracked by the daily demand. Data analysis can then reveal whether the drop in demand is a continuous pattern, whether it is seasonal, and so on. This information becomes crucial when deciding what to retain and what can be dropped from the menu. Analysis of trends can also help determine cuisines or dishes to introduce. For example, a sustained upsurge in demand for vegan dishes may indicate that it is time to offer more options in this segment.

Using an app to raise awareness about the changes

Digital cafeteria solutions come with a related app that is downloaded by every employee. This gives organisations a captive medium to broadcast the changes to the target audience in the most focused way.

Since the menus are digital, updating them can be done easily in the back end, even on a daily basis.

Push notifications about the developments will ensure reach to every employee. They can be encouraged to try new offerings in the cafeteria. Specific pairing suggestions can also increase the sampling of new introductions.

Seasonal’s and special events

A comprehensive cafeteria solution will offer the capability to introduce seasonal specials as well as food festivals or special events. For example, a food festival that features food trucks. Or a regional cuisine. As mentioned above, the app offers the perfect channel to raise excitement about the event.

Keep your cafeteria buzzing and turn up the heat on food excitement with the right cafeteria digitisation solution.