Employee Benefits of having Corporate Cafeteria Vendor

Oct 18, 2022 | Digital Cafeteria

Corporate cafeteria vendors are the flavour of the season, especially for companies who are looking to provide the best for their employees. While there may be many benefits for the organisation – including efficiency, transparency, and the ability to focus on core competencies – the benefits don’t stop there. A good corporate cafeteria vendor can bring about changes that directly benefit employees as well.
Here are some of the employee benefits of a corporate cafeteria vendor.


Corporate cafeteria vendors offer their patrons a wide selection of cuisines and catering options. In today’s multicultural workplace, with employees from very varied ethnic and regional backgrounds, and the associated food habits and preferences, a ‘one cuisine fits all’ approach will not work. Most corporate cafeteria managements have a diverse set of options when it comes to types of cuisines, price ranges, diet preferences like vegan, and so on. This gives employees a wide variety of dining choices.


A well-run corporate cafeteria with a robust cafeteria digitisation solution can help push employee productivity. A corporate cafeteria vendor offers a consolidated view of all the options available within a cafeteria on their app, helping employees evaluate options and make their decisions even before stepping into the cafeteria. In fact, online ordering options enable ordering from anywhere, and the employee can visit the cafeteria just as the food is ready, thus eliminating waiting time. This can help control overcrowding, as well as help individual outlets, plan their work according to demand.

Consistency for those who want it, variety for the others

There are people who want to stick to a particular diet or cuisine, for cultural or health reasons. And there are those for whom variety is the spice of life. A corporate cafeteria vendor can ensure that the varied needs of the employees are met. Strict standards and meticulous processes can ensure that the quality of food served is consistently top-notch.

Events and changes in routine

Employees seek change and bouts of excitement in the workplace. As any HR person could tell you, organising events and engagement activities is an important part of raising employee morale. Food events can be one of the areas where companies can increase employee connection. Food events cater to the need for novelty, as well as come with added opportunities for employees to bond over new experiences. Corporate cafeteria vendors are experts in creating and curating events like food truck festivals, live counters, pop-up kitchens, and more.

Transparent feedback mechanism and actionable data

Food is a subject with strong opinions – very clear likes, dislikes, and myriad ways to ‘do it right’. Cafeterias need to be able to meet the demands of their very exacting clientele. And the only way to ensure that they are always in sync is to have clear and trustworthy data. Corporate cafeteria vendors have cafeteria management or digitisation solutions that enable easy feedback through various media including their apps. The feedback can be centralized, analyzed and interpreted to gain actionable data points that can then improve the cafeteria, whether it is in terms of food quality, efficiencies, hygiene, server behavior, and more.

The employee benefits of having corporate cafeteria vendors are probably an aspect that may not be obvious since the most obvious benefits accrue to the organisation. However, the right corporate cafeteria vendor can play a significant role in employee morale, employee engagement, and productivity.