Adapt to Digitisation: The Need of the Hour for a Corporate Food Vendor

Aug 9, 2022 | Digital Cafeteria

The last few years have been transformational for most businesses, and even more so for the food and beverage (F&B) industry. Closer to home, corporate food vendors have been through a rollercoaster ride through these eventful times—moving from complete lockdowns to phased reopening of offices and hybrid working arrangements, unpredictable attendance, and more. Quick adaptability and the capability to scale up and down rapidly have been the benchmarks of the corporate catering businesses that have made a success of the circumstances.

One of the significant factors that aided and supported vendors in these times was digitization. Corporate food vendors who were part of a robust cafeteria digitization solution found it easier to transition through the uncertainties and unpredictable times.

If you are a corporate food vendor and have not digitised your operations and integrated them with a cafeteria digitisation solution, it may be time for you to rethink your decision. Here’s why.

Better customer service

As a person in the F&B industry, you understand that a great customer experience is the most important aspect of creating loyalty. And in today’s world of instant gratification, customers want things their way—what they want, just the way they want it, and when they want it. Digitisation streamlines the process for customers, from ordering on an app or online, to informing them about pickup times and gathering feedback to keep their preferences as a top priority.

Gathering feedback and tracing trends can also reduce menu fatigue and help to keep the menu fresh for customers. It is a fact that a great food experience combines the comfort of a classic dish with the excitement of something novel every so often.

Integration with the cafeteria as a whole

When you are a part of the cafeteria digitisation solution, you get to benefit from the overall system. This means more visibility for your outlet on the network, along with the ability to push promotional or tactical messages. You can also take advantage of the data and information gathered from the system to make your operations more efficient.

This integration also makes all transactions with the admin or HR of the corporate seamless and hassle-free. Real-time and accurate availability of all the data brings transparency and objectivity to the relationship.

Reduced waste

Digitisation aids in the collection of data to track trends and consumption patterns, which in turn can be used for better planning and forecasting of demand. This can lead to a significant reduction in raw material waste.

Transparency and zero pilferage

Traditional food counters are notoriously leaky when it comes to pilferage. Food vendors who run outlets in various corporate cafeterias or food courts will be especially familiar with this problem. Digitisation adds transparency and accountability since every transaction is tracked and recorded. Enabling digital payments also brings collections completely above board, leaving no opportunity for pilferage.

Get cooking with digitization

Cafeteria digitisation is the future of the corporate F&B industry. The proof of the pudding is the success stories of the ones who have made the transition. It is time for you to look at becoming a part of a comprehensive cafeteria digitisation solution. And see how you’re going to cook up success.